Recovery & bodies.

Having an eating disorder has made me feel like my body and its size are absolutely integral to who I am and what I am worth. I feel as though recovery means changing my body (and if it doesn’t, then I’m clearly no good at my disorder!), and I feel mixed.

Part of me wants people to notice I’m sick, and to notice a change, but another part wants my body to change very little and for nobody to say a word.

Maybe a recovered body would be more muscular, more strong and energetic, rather than becoming a bit chubby like I’m afraid of? It’s hard to know how to feel when I don’t actually know if others thing I should gain a bit of weight. I feel too scared to increase my intake because of lack of certainty over my current size.

In other news, the sunny spell here in the U.K. is blissful. It makes me want to wake up and be productive, which I love. Any words of advice would be welcome.

Lots of love xx


When your mind is always switched on, geared towards worry, or heading to self destruct, feeling pleasure can be fleeting.

This evening I actually feel alive. Is this joy? My present sense of happiness has sparked me to wish for tomorrow to be productive and fulfilling. (We shall see what happens!)

After a conversation yesterday, I awoke this morning feeling totally confused about who I am. A passing comment had made me uncomfortable, and being the only single person in the group felt so embarrassing! Most of time I’m not longing for a relationship at all; in fact I feel that I’m not in the right headspace for one anyway, but it did bring out my loneliness, and a deep fear that I’m not who I think I am. Speaking with a friend was helpful, as I rarely voice things like this to anyone. Perhaps speaking allowed me to move on with my day, and to ultimately enjoy my evening. Moments like this are to be treasured, because eating disorders don’t let them in much.


1. Nobody’s perfect.

2. Everybody’s path to success is different.

3. Being a kind person goes a long work.

4. Hard work will pay off.

5. Fear is a trap; self belief is unlocks the door.

Blogging isn’t perfect.

My goodness I’m not usually this sporadic at posting, but lately I keep questioning my drafts and pushing them to one side.

The truth is: there’s no perfect length, perfect title, or perfect expression in a blog. It just is whatever it is- a few words, an essay, pictures, poetry…. it’s all allowed.

I started my blog to be a free space, where venting about anything and everything could happen, and where it didn’t matter how it came out. I think I’ve forgotten that along the way, and so writing seems more pressured than relaxing. Let’s go back to the old days shall we?

I love connecting with other bloggers and getting to know what everyone is up to. I’ve still been reading all your stuff! Sending love and positive thoughts for the week to each and every person reading xox

So there was my medium length, boring, uninspired post in all its glory. THE END.

Grief and thought muddles

Grief and eating disorders are great friends. I’m dealing with the extreme emotions of losing a truly beloved pet right now, and my ed is convincing me that it’s a perfect excuse to eat less.

All my sadness and heartache around the loss quickly become sadness and pain over everything: food, my body, perceived failures, negative predictions about the future… it’s one big storm ☔️

I feel lately that my mind is going so quickly that it’s difficult to post or understand my own thoughts. Any tips out there for this?

It’s like some of my thoughts are present inside, but I can’t get them to come to the outside as I don’t hear them enough to digest and express them. My anxious brain is very good at firing on all cylinders all the time 😂

Currently enjoying the “insight timer” free meditation app at night, and I have to say it’s an amazing app for absolutely no money whatsoever. Highly recommend it over headspace etc, as everything is free and there are thousands of different ones to listen to. Speaking of which, it is time to sleep ⭐️

March = me time. #marchisforme

Anyone else struggle to do the best thing for themselves? I know I do. I can say yes too easily, put others first, or allow my negative brain space to convince myself that I don’t deserve to do nice things for myself.

Of course, sometimes I will enjoy an evening of things I find relaxing, but arguably not always at the moments I truly need it. So this month I’m going to commit myself to doing face masks, painting my nails, journaling, reading…. anything that I feel will boost me.

I think my ambitious nature makes me set goals without considering looking after my feelings as a goal; it definitely needs to be.


Excuses mask fear.

I’ve realised lately that sometimes I’d rather not try, than fail. Making an excuse is easier than opening myself up to one of my big fears: failure, letting myself down, not being good enough.

An example of this is therapy. I’ve been told many times before that it’s important to try and negate what my eating disorder tells me, and to develop healthy responses. However, my feeling has always been

I can’t do the healthy thing, so I will be no good at this. What’s the point trying?

The point of trying (I learned today in my therapy session), is that it happens in steps. First of all, I need to create the brain space and give some time of day to those healthy, alternative thoughts. If I could act on them 24/7 then I wouldn’t have an eating disorder! (This was a light bulb moment 😂).

I need to get good at not being good at things. I need to be able to try, and feel ok when I can’t be perfect. Thinking about it, my eating disorder is what wants me to remain fearful of failing. That’s another way it can keep me stuck.

I hope the process of therapyI’ve just started with help me unstick ❤️