It seems that nobody at all is able to take in everything that is going on with me. Right now, I don’t want to get better, ever. I want to keep on getting thinner, but the only thing that would ever be good enough would be 0 calories and 0 pounds.. and that means being dead! I hate anyone who thinks I am a normal size. Even the word normal makes me wanna throw up it is so disgusting. Being small is the most important thing, and although I rarely see myself as small, I do hope that those who tell me I am small aren’t lying.

I don’t have a clue why people care about me, but for those who do… thanks for letting me in to your average lives for me to crash in with my craziness ❤

A lot of the time now, I wish to be hidden- hiding the starving and over exercising, hiding myself, hiding my body, hiding from everything. I am so overwhelmed that I sometimes wish I could have break from absolutely eveything (minus dancing!) in my life because I can’t do it all some days. Things were easier when all of this was hidden. People didn’t ask questions, or make comments…..

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