I don’t know if I am moving forwards or backwards or sideways. All I know is that things are changing: some are good, some a bad, some are just confusing. I am doing the best I can to accept them all even when that is difficult at times!  The most difficult thing for me is to not worry about future events, such as will I be thinner by enough to look ok at x next week? or next month? or for such and such next year? I guess this is a bit futile, cos I can’t ever develop the ability to see into the future (I wish…) 
Either way, things will happen as they are meant to, and I will carry on in my own little way- fighting to have as much food control as I want. Here’s hoping that I AM noticeably thinner over the next couple of weeks. With all this walking, it would be frankly unfair if I weren’t!
On that note: 
“our problem isn’t necessarily our problem; rather it is our reaction to a situation” 

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