Happy, but not perfect

Today is kinda weird: on the one hand I am so happy about many things and know that I have done some really good steps 🙂 BUT on the other side of the coin is the fact that I know I am still connecting my mood with my food and the success of my weight loss. 

At this moment in time I have chosen to continue on the path I am on and keep on trying to be happier, whatever that means! Everything might not be perfect. but I can see beyond that and accept what is going nicely right now 🙂 

I know that when I want to, or when I am “destined” to, I will make the full transition to getting “better”, but I know that isn’t now. I cannot do something that I do not actually see the benefit of and so I will keep going as I am, and see what happens.

Life isn’t straightforward, so why worry what I am not doing when I could keep my attention on what I am ?


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