An unofficial Christmas…

As we are all off back to family for Christmas, we had our own celebration day today. It was actually lovely, despite all the food being present. I am so happy to be at the end of the day having not panicked at the dinner table, thrown up, eaten the wrong thing etc! For once I have done vaguely ok…

Thinking about the festive period I had last year, I am disappointed at how I handled myself. Thinking about all the secretive eating, crying, failing, exercising at night and insane food plans makes me sad. I really hope that I can stay in this restrictive pattern and not go into the ups and downs of last year, as I can feel pretty low at times as it is!

On a happier note, today has got me thinking of all those little Christmassy memories:

*Decorating the Christmas tree

*Sitting by a lit fire

*Playing board games

*Going out in the snow

*Seeing my favourite family and friends 


*Buying, wrapping and receiving presents

*Christmas music and films!

Happy December!

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