2013 eating disorder criteria revision

I might have already posted once today, but never mind!
I’ve just be searching on the internet and reading psychiatry online and really hope that some of the proposed changes to the criteria are made in 2013. Things like number of periods missed and exact weight etc could be made less strict- and so they should be! 


3 thoughts on “2013 eating disorder criteria revision

  1. If they don’t axe the period requirement I will be furious. There are so many other factors that affect periods other than weight, plus everyone is different. Different women are going to lose their period at different points. I’m also not a fan of the weight requirement- you’re right. Diagnoses should be made by doctors on the basis of the individual standing in front of them. Not on the basis of “well, you’re 0.5 away on the BMI scale from being officially anorexic”. I’ve gone up or down 0.5 on the BMI scale just on the basis of when I last went to the toilet.

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