Online tests for mental health: better than a gp?

I’m not sure why, but I suddenly started to think about how and when and why I started to question my eating habits. For me, googling “do I have an eating disorder test” was the beginning of accepting that things weren’t quite right… the weird part is that I still continued to deny (and at times hate) it when others suggested I might have a problem! But a tiny piece of me always knew I think…

When I first started to take the tests (and believe me, I took practically all of them), a bit of me was surprised when they said I had an eating disorder. I suppose that I’ve always had a weird fascination with them, a love for thinness and a fear of my own inadequacy, but I always presumed I was too fat, not good enough and/or ate too much to actually have one! (Ironically, all of those things only reinforce that my thinking is not normal)

Looking back on this strange phase of really not having a clue what was going on with me, I now see that those anonymous quizzes were a vital thing, and that I was far more honest on those than I was/am able to be with a gp. I now also realise that the fact I was thinking about having an ed and taking the time to do the assessments is a sign of a problem in itself.

Don’t know where this post is going really… just wanted to give my two cents about the value of online quizzes, as without them I may never have come to terms with my problems at all. If anyone is worried about themselves or a friend, I would take a couple, cos the questions aren’t all that different to those I’ve had to answer with a gp (and it is 20 times harder to be honest to a real person!)

One thought on “Online tests for mental health: better than a gp?

  1. I take those things all the time, sometimes repeating the same ones even though I know I’ll get similar answers. Although they are not a technical diagnostic tool, I’m pretty sure actual therapists and/or doctors would ask the same or similar questions when diagnosing someone. So they can give a pretty accurate picture of what someone is going through/what they may be suffering from. I know they help me pretty well.

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