More of a question than a post…

When my ed began, I lost weight eating around X calories (don’t wanna talk literal numbers). Now, I eat similarly but usually do about 3 times as much exercise. I am terrified that over the holidays, despite maintaining my calories control, I will not have lost weight. My measurements (waist etc) aren’t bigger though, and the amount I eat is still a weight loss level .. so worried 😦 HELP?!

My logical brain tells me that my weight loss will have been slower, due to less opportunity to exercise while on holiday, but that my body needs more than I have given it just to run itself.

My ed says I must be fatter, disgusting, a failure.

2 thoughts on “More of a question than a post…

  1. As much as this is sometimes impossible, try to turn your mind to something else. Focus on the people around you who love you, on exciting things that are coming up, on school, on dance, on whatever. Although you don’t need to be losing weight, I understand that’s where you are right now, and I’m sure you are losing. Sometimes weight loss doesn’t show up for a while and then all of the sudden you lose quite a bit of weight. We both know that EDs mess with our body perception, so that’a a poor way to judge whether you’ve lost weight. Please try to take care of yourself! You really do deserve to be happy, healthy, and at peace!

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