Green tea..

Recently discovered I like green tea! I have sat here and researched detoxing and decided to do a green tea only detox tomorrow. Obviously the feeling of lightness appeals from an ed point of view, but I also just need to stop everything; stop thinking, stop doing too many things, stop feeling like I can’t get everything done. I need I day of ticking things off the to do list in a CALM and EFFORTLESS way. I’m going to sleep some of the day too and just chill out and breathe a bit… 

3 thoughts on “Green tea..

  1. I LOVE GREEN TEA, TOO!! I am LITERALLY drinking green tea as I sit here–lol! Hot, cold, flavored, unflavored, whatever–I love it. So good for you, too! I would do the fast with you tomorrow, but I have a major exam the next day so I don’t want to mess up my chances. Maybe another day, though! I will support you tomorrow and maybe we can plan another day to do it again if this goes well for you. Pure insides! 🙂

    • Hey, thank you so much for all the comments on my different posts- they have reminded me I’m not alone and really cheered me up. And re the green tea, the lemon and strawberry ones are my favourites!
      I’m glad I had the green tea day today (especially as our oven broke today so couldn’t have cooked lol)
      another day would be good.. a weekend day preferably 🙂
      I read something today that a friend put on fb which just said “mental health problems are not a sign of weakness; they are a sign of having been strong too long”
      Thank you again, I hope today has been an ok day for you xx

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