I have done some good things… not many, but still…

I just read over some stuff I wrote about a year ago about how I was feeling. I can proudly say that although I still suffer from an extremely obsessive relationship with food, control and exercise, I am much better at keeping my anxiety at a lower level than I was.

I am still a very anxious person; I still get regular panic attacks, but these are no longer responsible for taking up 2 or more hours of every single day. It has been by no means easy to change, and I hope that when I recover from my eating disorder I will stop having them altogether.


2 thoughts on “I have done some good things… not many, but still…

  1. That’s excellent! Any progress, however small, is still progress. 😀 I find especially that eating properly – with enough fat, reduced sugar and regularly – also helps the anxiety, and I’m much less likely to start getting what I call the ‘Impending Doom’ feeling for no reason whatever.

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