I am not depressed, I am not depressed, I am not depressed…

When I start my day, I often feel as though I won’t have the energy t get through it, and/or I won’t do well in classes.

Since term started back I have made a conscious effort to take each class one at a time, and not worry about how I feel energyless-wise. While I agree it is irresponsible in terms of my ed, it feels so much better to simply not think about it. I feel like I have actually done my best these past few days, as I am focusing on exerting all my energy and concentration into each class individually.

I feel happier from doing this- like I have made my days more manageable and the powerful sense of “everything is hopeless, I can’t face it” is more controlled. I can cope with the exhaustion while I’m in class, and once I’m done it doesn’t matter how I feel. I can come home and lie down….

One thought on “I am not depressed, I am not depressed, I am not depressed…

  1. I’m taking your advice and trying this. Not thinking about the bigger picture, but: today, I am going to do some reading. Then my tute. Then a walk. Then … small, manageable chunks, you know?

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