Spotting the signs.

A friend of mine has recently admitted to having an ed, and it got me thinking about how everyone has an individual experience.

For me, the warning signs were weighing out food and becoming increasingly inflexible about deviating from my food plans. Those were behaviours that people noticed as being obsessive and abnormal. But for her. it is different. She has become very spontaneous about eating, because she gets so hungry that she eats exactly what she craves, followed by nothing for several hours (length depending on the ed voice).

So, what changed when your disorder developed?

5 thoughts on “Spotting the signs.

  1. yeah. It is so different for each individual.
    I mean, I knew from the beginning that if people noticed anything then that might prompt them to want to “fix it”. So actually, I have always been atypical in that, if I am not eating by myself, depending on the person and what I can get away with without suspicion, I will do exactly what I need to look normal, but this is only so when no one’s around I can continue to restrict my intake. It looks healthy enough from everyone else’s side. So to others, not a lot “changed”, except weight.

    • That’s so interesting for me because I wanted to hide my habits long before I had any inkling that what I was doing wasn’t normal. I was completely oblivious..

  2. I started purging. I had binge eating problems for years, but purging was what crossed the line from “just being a fat girl” to “holy shit maybe I actually have a problem”.

  3. I won’t try “samples” of anything. If I’m going to eat, I need to eat a meal. This is especially difficult when working in food service, because people are always like “try this, taste it, tell me what you think.” And right now that’s something I can’t handle, even if the calories are completely insignificant.

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