Are you kidding me?

Now, I know that most teenagers/ students enjoy staying up late and being rowdy, but I don’t.

Before I had any mental issues, I did love staying up late with my friends… ON WEEKENDS. I don’t know how anybody can stay up pissing about, then get up at 6 am and dance for 7 hours the next day. I personally have enough trouble falling asleep as it is, without being woken up.

Since moving here, I have been the unfortunate victim of many crappy nights sleep. Apparently, it is acceptable to be utterly inconsiderate. If you want people round, you just bring them without asking (at any time of night it seems).

I get that my housemates don’t understand how much my sleep is affected by my problems, but they all know that I do have my struggles at the moment, and so you would have thought they would assume that a bit of peace and quiet might be helpful to me… but no.

It is so infuriating that nobody cares. I feel worthless enough, without them blatantly doing things that make it clear as day that they don’t give a shit about what I feel like. But I don’t like being the “bad guy” in a situation, so I guess I will continue to pace my room until the fury subsides.

Tomorrow might just kill me. I’m so tired and sick of this.

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