Death thoughts

So today my parents argued. I can’t really detail it, but it is complicated and upsetting. I’m only able to know what I listen in on as my mother just says not to worry or ask.
I went out for a walk and just walked down the middle of the road for a bit. All I could think was ” just do it. Walk into the road. Just die”
I feel a little like I’m just making up these thoughts, but you can’t force yourself to think like that. It made me tearful and feel stupid for thinking something so insane.
What on earth am I doing?

3 thoughts on “Death thoughts

  1. I completely understand your situation, I once took a bunch of pills years back because this inner voice said go on and do it and I did. I woke up the following morning and I felt so stupid and silly for doing something like that. I thought of how selfish that would be to just off myself with no explaination.

    Don’t beat yourself about at least you didn’t try it but the fact that you actually thought of it is enough to drive you crazy. I know I know I know. Forget about it and remember that there are better answers than death. Your parent’s arguments have nothing to do with you because you are greater and more important than those arguments.

    Stay strong and keep fighting. x

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