Therapy homework

Thinking about it, a lot of mental illnesses have something related to fear of the unknown or being out of control. For me, control feels like an essential part of existence; a preventative behaviour to ward off bad things; a constant in a changing environment.
In therapy, this has to be challenged. A lot of recovery relies on the individual to put learned techniques into practice, but the best part is that it allows you to challenge yourself in a structured, controlled way.
Be it an exposure task, or eating a certain number of times a day, or sitting with my anxiety when I have to resist the urge to self harm, it is still in my control. I am doing it for myself AND for my therapist. Sometimes, I think we need somebody to give us new rules for living, instead of trying to throw us into a world of unfamiliar spontaneity.
Having homework from therapy is a really good thing for me. It gives me something to concentrate on and a way to monitor my own progress. It helps me to have a little bit of control over things, but in a positive way.
My therapy will be finishing quite soon. I absolutely love my therapist and I’m really going to miss it. Although it is very tough sometimes, I am so lucky to have a therapist who knows just when to push me, and when I need to be supported and consoled when it is all too much. This is the longest I have ever had one therapist, and it has become an important part of my life for me. I am very worried about how I will feel when that is gone. I don’t have the faith in myself to continue recovery on my own.

2 thoughts on “Therapy homework

  1. the unknown is scary…especially to those of us who suffer from mental illness. don’t be scared about when therapy is over!! eventually you WILL have the faith in yourself to recover on your own =)
    best of luck keep your head up!!

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