10 myths about eating disorders & recovery

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beautiful recovery

we all have preconceived ideas about basically everything.

including eating disorders.

maybe before you, or someone you know, was diagnosed, you didn’t realize the mental disorder to its full extent.

i know i didn’t.

i always pictured skeletons that never ate and became thin over a period of weeks. then they were fed “normal food” and bounced right back.

wrong. so wrong.


here are 10 common myths regarding eating disorders and recovery, challenged:


1. “this is just a phase.”

this is not a phase. an eating disorder is a mental illness which is just as serious as any other illness.

today, people have a better chance at surviving from cancer than an eating disorder.

that’s frightening to me.

diseases don’t just “go away” magically, treatment is needed.


2. “developing an eating disorder was your choice.”

no one wakes up one morning and thinks to herself:

“i think…

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