“90% of those won’t have anorexia”

Somebody linked me to a youtube clip from eating disorders awareness week, and the head of the ed service made that title statement.
If you ask anyone in the general public about eating disorders, the consensus would be:
anorexia is being skinny
Bulimia is making yourself sick

If only it were that black and white.
At the beginning of my disorder life was simpler. I had one problem: my anorexic behaviour.
Time, stress and a lot of secrecy allowed for it to sew a web of habits. I had the odd binge, which led to purging. I started to self harm, to fast all day to binge at night, and to exercise through the night to keep it secret.
I don’t think I know what disorder I have anymore. Sometimes I feel in a very anorexic mind frame and other times the bulimic impulsive actions take over.

9 thoughts on ““90% of those won’t have anorexia”

  1. That’s me exactly as well, I have the mind of a starved anorexic and I perform the classic anorexic habits of dissecting food into tiny pieces, thinking of food 24/7. Then there is the bulimic mind and her habits, sometimes they exist together and sometimes they don’t when one is more in control.

  2. I’d like to say I’ve been a year in recovery on my own, but I also still act on my habits every once in a while. It’s either restricting all day or it’s binging. I’ll over exercise too.

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