Therapists being people

I had a session the other day, and while waiting beforehand someone I knew came in.
It was the low intensity therapist I saw before being put on the higher one. I was shocked that she remembered me after so many months!
And then it hit me: THE ONLY 2 therapists in that building today were my old one and my current one.
I know that therapists are professional and don’t blab about people, but as I left, I couldn’t help but think about what they would be saying about me. Do they talk? Do they like me?

One thought on “Therapists being people

  1. The 2 therapists should not talk about you unless you have signed a Release of Information allowing them to do so. (At least, that is the case in Illinois, USA.) Most therapists take their ethics quite seriously. If this is something that is bothering you, you could always bring it up with your therapist to get clarity, and to state your concern, so that it is out in the open. It would be a logical concern to bring up.

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