Intelligence and eating disorders.

Although I’m sure there are many sufferers who don’t fall into this category, it is proven that a large proportion of eating disorder sufferers are perfectionistic, over achieving students.
What confuses me about this is that eating disorders make you feel childish sometimes. I might have an academic record of straight A’s, or complete an essay in record time, but my fears about food and my body translate into rigid, child like thoughts and behaviour.
In many ways I like being alone and independent. I feel good when people think I’m mature and organised. But then my ed makes me feel like a baby who needs to be mothered, who can’t look after themselves, who can’t cope alone.
Strange really…

2 thoughts on “Intelligence and eating disorders.

  1. but totally understandable… I feel the same way however I dont have n eating disorder. Is it possible that this is a common behavior for those of us with performance orientation issues?

  2. Definitely. All the friends I have with ED are highly intelligent, motivated, perfectionist individuals. They are also incredibly creative and sensitive. Turns out this applies to everyone elses’ and not our own.

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