15 No-No’s for the Achieving Performer

Performing Arts Help and Advice For The Stage

by Aly Cardinalli

004I want you to know first-off that I hate the term ‘over-achiever.’ Most of the time, people who are doing well aren’t ‘over-achievers,’ they are just achievers. These achievers are full of self-confidence (not arrogance like the over-achiever). Let’s get your confidence level up by looking at a list of no-no’s. If you do any of these, it is time to make a change so that you can be successful.

1. No Making Excuses

You just do. You don’t tell anyone why you can’t. If you want to achieve, you figure out a solution to the problem and just do it.

2. No Avoiding Scary Things

Don’t allow fear to dominate your life. Is that why you won’t go to a new class? Or to an audition? Pursue because you may only get one chance.

3. No Bubble of Comfort

This is where dreams and achievements go…

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