Timehop inspired post!

So I recently got the Timehop app on my phone and it inspired me to look back at some old blog posts. I usually just write and post! No re-reads or alterations, because my blog is a way for me to organise my thoughts.
I was curious, but not nervous to read my old entries, but I was surprisingly emotional when I saw them. I had forgotten many of the horrible, lonely, desperate stories I wrote about, as well as some amazing memories that I documented.
I guess it has taught me that no mental illness stays the same . Whether it gets worse or better, life changes and so our disorders change too.
It was an important realisation for me, seeming as one of my biggest ed thoughts is that I’m not sick enough/ I have been more sick, deserving, thin…. But all in all, I was sick then, and I’m still sick now. But sickness is slowly teaching me the value of wellness & one day, I want to be able to be in a position to appreciate every day of wellness as a gift.
I might still suffer, but I’m no longer silent; no longer alone; and no longer hateful of those helping me.
Change takes time, and I am getting better at facing my struggles and the outside world with patience.

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