Depression isn’t always obvious

I first new I was depressed after the passing of a loved one, but soon realised I had actually been suffering for months before the traumatic event that brought it out into the open.
I felt lethargic, always wishing for bed but being totally unable to sleep when the time came. I felt… Flat…. Like lots of things didn’t matter anymore.
A few people told me I couldn’t have depression if I didn’t cry all the time.
(FYI that’s a total lie!) for me, depression sometimes makes me feel almost emotionless. Why would I cry if I don’t care about anything? Who has the energy to cry anyway?
Sure, periods of my depression have been tearful, but I’m constantly amazed at the general lack of understanding about mental illness, and how a lack of an obvious symptom makes many people immediately shrug off your feelings.
To anybody who is depressed:
you are not alone. No feeling lasts forever. Not everyone will understand, but it doesn’t make it less real
Night for now xx

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