A little story of my own :)

“Empty?” She asked. “How can you feel empty? You have a family, a home, friends, dreams..”
And the girl stared through the window and said: “I feel trapped inside. Like I’m looking out of the window, but never will I feel the pleasure of the outdoors.”
“You must learn to love the inside before you can enjoy the outside.”

I don’t know anything about writing.. This little story just came to my imagination (so don’t judge!)

I guess it highlights how my life feels right now. My life from the outside is good, but from the inside it can feel very difficult. What’s getting me through is knowing I’m not alone.
Goodnight xx

Anyone got any spare time I can have?!

If only there were more hours in the day. Right now my life is pretty hectic: I’m in class 8.30-6 Monday- Friday, then working all weekend. By the time I’m home I’m ready to sleep, but alas, the to do lists loom.
I am one of those people that likes to be busy and have things to work towards, but the new school term has made me reevaluate how much time I take for my own needs, and raised the same old worries about “deserving” to take time for myself.
Recovery is hard. Even thinking about change is hard. Keeping up with life with a mental illness is hard…. So maybe now is the perfect time to make time to chill out.
Tomorrow evening I will do something small that I feel like doing, and I challenge YOU to join in!!