Lasting words.

We all have those memories of specific things people said in the past. For me, the easiest ones to access are all the bad ones. In under ten seconds I could easily rattle off a list of condemning, spiteful things I’ve been told by others. To turn it around, tonight I am posting all those painful ones alongside some of my best memories.

1. You are selfish
2. You are greedy
3. You are fat
4. She did better than you
5. You’ve messed up
6. If you don’t want to get fat then why don’t you stop eating?!
7. You are fucking thin. I can’t watch this anymore
8. C***

1. You blew me away
2. You are hilarious
3. You’re so clever
4. I’m proud of you tonight
5. I can’t wait to see you
6. I love you
7. I love teaching you
8. I don’t know what I would do without you

2 thoughts on “Lasting words.

  1. I remember the exact moment I decided to stop eating: I was eating a spoonful of peanut butter and my mom said “don’t you know how many calories are in that?” Some things just stick with you. Good for you for coming up with a positive list!

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