Thursday tips: Anxiety

Nobody is probably going to read this, but I’ve thought about having a day each week to devote a post to positive content. I want to spread useful info, and be able to use my blog to express things I’ve personally learned along my journey.

So. Anxiety.
Anxiety sucks. It really makes you feel useless. You can’t escape, you can’t control it, you feel something that most people don’t feel anything about.
Whatever your anxiety focuses on, I’ve learned that it builds up quietly. Recognise yourself overthinking, perhaps feel a bit flustered, or whatever the signs are for you.

When anxiety strikes I do one of these:
1. Breathe in for 3, out for 4 (or anything with a longer exhale than inhale)
2. Write down every anxious thought and throw the paper away
3. Think of a calm place. Imagine the details. Describe the colours of things in your mind. Count how many trees (insert your own) there are.

Anxiety is adrenaline; it feels so intense, but the reality is calm. Know that anxiety physiologically WILL pass. The body naturally lowers anxiety levels.


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