Friday feelings.

On a Friday evening I often reflective on my week of classes. Today I feel surprisingly positive. I had a … Sorry, what’s the word? Good, you say?! Yes. I have had a pretty GOOD week.
Obviously it’s lovely to be able to exhale with gratitude because I haven’t been too depressed or useless for one week, but it causes problems. By that I mean that my denial gets a booster, because surely if I were sicker I wouldn’t feel this way. Surely, if I was actually as sick as what my friend says then I wouldn’t have gotten through this hectic 5 days.
I really feel like I’ve been stood at the middle of a crossroads for a few years now. I don’t know whether the pull of losing weight and remaining disordered is greater than the long term life changes of recovery. I struggle to think long term.
Anyway, happy Friday!!!

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