Get out of my bubble

So I am lucky enough to be visiting family abroad tomorrow morning, but the catch-22 is having my parents stay with me tonight. I was so excited for their arrival earlier, but now my internal rage is overwhelming.

When I’m here alone, everything stays in its place, gets cleaned properly etc etc. I can organise the house just how I need to and eat exactly what I want. I just want them out of my bubble. This is my space where I control everything and it’s being ruined. 

2 thoughts on “Get out of my bubble

  1. Ugh I know exactly how you feel… Except unfortunately I’m still living with my family. 4 reasons why I wish I lived alone:
    – eat whenever I want to (or don’t want to)
    – have little or no groceries in the house so I don’t binge
    – not even OWN binge foods

    best of luck to you until your family leaves xx

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