F is for friends

One of the most rewarding things I have are my close friendships. At 21, I have a handful of friends that will definitely be there for life. I have grown up with them, studied with them, laughed, cried and travelled with them. These are the people that know me inside out- many of whic recognised my illness before I did! It doesn’t matter if we don’t speak for a while, or geography limits are face to face contact, we pick up right where we left off. 

This post is a chance for me to evaluate what makes my friendships so valuable:

Honesty: I love that I can ask for an opinion and get one. This makes me trust them completely. 

Humour: I am quite a sarcastic human, so it is important to spend my time with equally opinionated people. All my friends have the ability to make me cry with laughter. 

Individuality: I bloody hate sheep. Not the animals, but those people who follow every trend and pretend to enjoy things they secretly hate. I’m lucky to have friends who are unique. 

Caring: my friends often send me adorable cards and letters that remind that I am loved. In my darker moments they are so important. Even through snap chat and online messages I can feel their love. 

Now I’m going to stop. That got a bit deep….

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