J is for Justification

I sometimes feel guilt about having negative emotions. I feel that there’s so much suffering in the world that is much worse than mine, so how can I justify feeling that way?

I know that many people have that same thought, and I also know that you can’t really compare war victims (for example) with mental illness. They just aren’t comparable because they have such different causes. I try to believe that any feeling is allowed. There doesn’t need to be an extreme circumstance in order to permit feeling something negative. 

Today’s post is an opportunity to talk back to some of my thoughts. 

Can I really justify my eating disorder when there are people in the world who live in poverty with no food? Yes. Having an eating disorder is nothing to do with the availability of food. It isn’t a choice to have an ed. Surely, if given the choice, nobody would choose to be sick.

It’s awful of you to be depressed when there’s so much good in your life. It isn’t awful to feel anything. Humans experience a spectrum of emotions. The way my brain functions isnt something I can choose to change overnight. 

People are raped, attacked and abused everyday. What the hell have you got to be anxious about in your comparatively safe life? Anxiety can come from so many sources. The reasons I get anxious aren’t important. 

It is justified to have feelings. I am human like everyone else. It is justified to suffer when my mind makes life difficult.  

3 thoughts on “J is for Justification

  1. Most People are stupid and can’t understand mental illness. .But I think it’s even worse than body illness because it kills you from the inside and you can’t defend yourself. .. Everyone is allowed to suffer,because it isn’t a choice. ..there aren’ t other choices…

    • So true! I think that because its internal it’s much harder for people to relate to. Like they can see if you have broken your arm, but they can’t see if you have OCD, or depression or anything else!!

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