Wednesday’s words: consider other humans please. 

Today I had a couple of decent classes, although I am always beating myself up about not having done things “perfect enough”! Anyway, my day turned when I was supposed to be rehearsing with a group of people. 

I was really tired, hungry, and had a bad headache, yet I was trying to encourage the others to practice. I just can’t understand how anyone can be so rude as to arrive late, be lazy, mess around or not have a clue what their doing when it affects everyone. 

All that’s required is basic consideration for other people. Maybe they hate the project, find it hard, too easy, stupid… Whatever, but you can’t get performances right if people piss around and don’t pull their weight. 

I suppose lots of people with eating disorders (and anxiety related illnesses) tend to think a lot about how others view them, and so possibly try harder to please people. 

Frankly, I was spoken to so rudely that I don’t care why everyone was being so ridiculous. It is unacceptable to be so selfish, lazy and immature when working as a group. 

Praying for tomorrow to be more productive! Night xxx

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