The perfect being. 

I seem to be able to dismiss the flaws in others, but when it comes to myself it’s unacceptable. Everyone I’m around seems to have themselves sorted. They have gorgeous make up, pretty hair, thin and toned limbs, good abs, smooth skin, a nice tan, perfect outfits, never any stubbly legs or spots… Why aren’t I one of them? I am constantly seeing a changing reflection of my body, and I’m just not as pretty, nor are my outfits as good as theirs. 

Tonight I feel imperfect, but not like the odd crap day someone else might have- I feel across the board imperfect. I’d like to be confident that I’m different than others. I’d like to be happy because I like my clothes and I chose them because they are my style not the trends, or that I’m pale  and it suits me. 

Not only do I see flaws in my physicality, my personality is just weird. In am weird. 

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