Friday Facts: ECT therapy

Hi everyone 🙂 just FYI, I’ve never had ECT, but I was really interested in hearing about it, as it is commonly talked about. Kati Morton explains it in the link here: ECT vid

What do you think about it? Feel free to comment! I find it a little scary that you can lose memories from it, yet the effectiveness of the treatment is pretty high. I suppose whether the risks are worth it is an individual thing. 

Happy weekend!


2 thoughts on “Friday Facts: ECT therapy

  1. I work in a facility where we do them. If the person is appropriately diagnosed and referred it has been very effective from what I have heard. I have seen some of the patients and they said they experienced no pain. They are treated with the highest level of security and privacy. It is extremely quick: 15 minute procedure including the portion with the anesthesiologist. Again that is at my institution and each place is different. They give muscle relaxants and sedation so you don’t feel anything. I knew a girl who had it but was a misdiagnosis. She still had some benefits from it she said had helped her. Some people I talked to said that one session “cured” them because it did the “factory reset”. Others say they come in every few years for a “tune up” to just fix it. But one should always consult their therapists and doctors beforehand.

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