I did it!

although it was only 15 minutes on a couple of days, I did it! I did some yoga every day this week. It’s made me reconsider how a view a “to do.” I’ve always thought a to do list had to be just mundane things, and going for a run, or doing anything I actually enjoy is usually better when it’s spontaneous, instead a “Job” I gotta get done. 

I’ve got a new journal and I’m excited to start writing things in it & filling in the weekly planner (I’m weird, get over it)

I’m also planning to keep up the yoga stretches and breathing. I liked it. 

4 thoughts on “I did it!

  1. I wish I had yoga mats to do the yoga. Also, being blind, it can be difficult for me to learn the poses.

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    • I think there’s something that suits everyone! The breathing in yoga is definitely good for stress and anxiety. Finding anything you could do to focus your mind positively would be just as good 🙂

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