I am someone who needs reassurance a lot. Usually not for the “big things” , more for the small ones. Like if I really did shut the door, or if it’s certain I won’t get sick from eating something.

And then there’s the one that goes around my head endlessly: whether I look bigger or smaller. The problem is asking people. Most people don’t ask these silly questions, or even care that much about the response to any of them. Right now I’m lost. I want to ask, but I’m scared about the answer and don’t want to be an annoyance. So basically I’m stuck. 

3 thoughts on “Reassurance. 

  1. You’re not alone. Mine are OCD behaviors as symptoms of anorexia. When my eating disorder is bad, my anxiety is bad and so is my OCD symptomology. And vice versa. Mine are all strongly intertwined. I have to ask sometimes because I can’t read my own cues, but I never end up believing other people anyways. I use a pair of pants as my guide–can I fit in them or not.

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