LoveMe challenge: 2

Post a picture of yourself

 This was a bit tricky, as my blog is anonymous in that none of my family etc could identify it as me. I downloaded a photo editing app so I could get rid of my face! 
This picture was taken during a performance I did in June. 

It was kinda uncomfortable doing this. It’s brought up worries over how people will judge me, and that I probably am bigger now than just a couple of months ago when this was taken…. I don’t know though. I wouldn’t even say I was anorexic if I saw this. I wouldn’t say I had an ed if I was a stranger seeing this. Day 2, you are haaaaarrrdddd. 

2 thoughts on “LoveMe challenge: 2

    • It’s always difficult for me to look a pictures. My perception is so variable that I’ve ended up with basically no concept of how I look.
      I will stick with it. Looking forward to some that are further on… 🙂

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