LoveMe challenge: 4

Someone who loves you 

I’m just gonna list!

-My parents: because they have always wanted me to have a good and happy life 

-My brothers: because they cared for me as a baby, taught me to do things, and played games with me

-My closest friends: because I’m there for them. I enjoy their company and I think my friends love me because we make each other laugh, and they also know I care

-My pets 💜

-One of my cousins: because different countries doesn’t bother us. We are still caring and communicative with each other 

-A particular auntie: because I trust her so much. She loves me because I always make time to be with her 

3 thoughts on “LoveMe challenge: 4

    • I think it’s easy to assume people only love you because they “have to” eg family. But then I realised that some people don’t have a family that cares about them, because actually, nobody HAS to love you. I care about you too! I’m really enjoying this loveme challenge xx

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