LoveMe challenge: 5

A note to past you 

Dear me,

I’m sorry that I was so harsh on you. I never saw all the things you were doing that were great. I rarely gave you praise. I’m sorry I made you do so many things over and over again because they weren’t good enough, because let me tell you, they were. 

Looking back at when I, age 21 me, was you, I see a good person. You worked hard, did well at school, and made friends who are still friends with you 10 years later. 

You achieved so many things you wanted to, but I never let you settle for anything. I made you believe that was laziness. 

You are probably worrying right now. I still do that here in the future, too! But you don’t need to. There are exciting things to come for you, and if you let yourself relax a little the ride there will be easier. 

Lots of love, 

Older me xxx

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