Why close friendships matter. 

I’ve come back from a weekend with 2 of my very best friends. We’ve been friends for 10 whole years (almost half our lifetimes!) and time together is such a treat in amongst our busy lives. 

We don’t live nearby, or have much free time usually, so a phone call r message just can’t compare with face to face girly time.

I know that no matter what, these two will always support me. They don’t judge me for being ill, and they do their best to help me when I’m anxious, sad, or struggling to understand my own mind. 

A hug off your best friends is always pretty fab, isn’t it? Well I got several this weekend! We actually relaxed. You know, that thing where you stop panicking and trying to do too many things at once, that thing that I hardly ever do. We laughed. We talked. We laughed a lot more. We shopped, got our nails done, and took some photos. We did things without the need to rush or get ready for the next day or next week. I love you. It was perfect xxx

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