My family and food. 

Where do I start?

Firstly by saying that this post is just me venting the triggers, rather than being about judging them. 

My brothers seem to be the ones who escaped the food trap. They both have no issues whatsoever with food and actually really enjoy it with freedom while maintaining healthy bodies. 

My parents on the other hand are where the problems lie. For as long as I can recall my mum has been on and off diets. Sometimes she has sustained weight loss for a decent time, while other attempts were short lived. I remember watching her read the information on food packets when I was a child, and recall people always praising her when she had been “good” on her diet. Fast forward to this afternoon, and we are in the shop. I commented on some dried snacks and she told me how sugary they are. You might as well eat chocolate if you’re going to have them. While her statements are always aimed at the generic you as opposed to me personally, it makes me feel that anything I select will be judged. I support her trying to lose weight, and on countless occasions have given her (sensible, healthy) advice, but I cannot stand hearing all this food talk. It’s one sided, because I couldn’t tell her my food thoughts without a. Feeling uncomfortable or b. Getting told I was wrong.

My dad is very different. He has been thin my whole life. As a child I remember him as a normal eater, but in the latter half of my life he has developed weird habits. My observations tell me he does a version of intermittent fasting. He is currently losing weight, despite being very low body fat and already healthy, in preparation for something, and frankly it is a bit obsessional. Neither of them have habits I would recommend to a friend, as food plays a bigger part than I feel it should in their lives. 

Families eh?

*i love mine to pieces, but my ed is very trigger sensitive and competitive so these things are just too much for me. 

8 thoughts on “My family and food. 

      • I know, I don’t think they realise that we’re constantly questioning our choices anyway- we don’t need them to do it for you. I was having difficulty finding a dress this week, none would fit and I had to order a size four- my mam actually said to me, but you don’t look like a size four! I wonder where really slim people shop?!? 🙈😪😁

      • Can’t believe she said that. Anyone wearing that size is definitely tiny. That would never fit me! Mine will say “id love to look like you” after earlier saying “you’ve lost weight again” in a negative tone. So. Confusing.

      • I know they’re the first to criticise us for losing weight, but they just don’t realise how harmful their words are. ( I’m not that thin I’m small framed- im 5ft 6in with size two feet 🙈 ) my mams also awful for judging overweight people to me, hence my fear of ever being fat! Xx

      • I know, it’s so stressful. We read every single thing about tone of voice or phrasing or anything to work out what they mean! But that means you can get kids shoes! Jealous! Xx

      • When mam comments on my food I’ve got like this inner mantra , she’s trying to help- she’s trying to help, for trainers and flats- but a nightmare for heels- I could only ever get so danca New Yorkers, and had to order them well in advance so they could make them. X

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