What’s wrong?

There was a time when I was textbook anorexic. Weighing food, weighing myself, rigid rules, being tired, weight loss, total denial etc. I constantly worry that my anorexia is gone. I was diagnosed with bulimia at one point in the last few years too, but I don’t miss that. 

I feel like I’m restrictive again now & that’s been going on a fair while. But I’m not anorexic anymore. I’m just a failure of a trier. 

6 thoughts on “What’s wrong?

  1. I’m having these feelings at the moment. I’ve definitely lost that label, and it’s a good thing, but I miss being so thin. *hugs*

  2. I know these feelings too atm! I want to be properly anorexic again but I have so much going on I can’t afford to be, I can’t afford the time and energy it takes so I have to resist the urges xx

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