LoveMe challenge: 19 &20

19. Something you feel strongly about

Religion. And actually, I’m not at all religious. I mean I’ve no idea whether there’s a God or an afterlife or if biblical stories are based on fact or not, but I do know that I have a right to my own opinion. The thing I feel strongly about is my disapproval of people standing preaching in the middle of towns, and also extremist branches of religions that pray on the vulnerable. I’m not against faith- in fact I have friends who are Christian. I respect that, and they respect me. It’s rare (at least in England) to see people publicly displaying atheism and/or trying to persuade others to share their view, but it’s very common to hear preachers saying gay people go to hell, or non believers are sinners etc. 

I believe you can be a good person and have any or no religion at all. I feel strongly that nobody has the right to be so judgemental of people in an open circumstance, such as a town centre. 

20. Something you love to wear. 

I love to wear the only gold item I own. It’s a necklace I inherited when my Nanny passed away. It’s so pretty, and has so much sentimental value too. I love that somebody always admires it when I wear it and I get to talk about her and keep her memory alive ❤️

2 thoughts on “LoveMe challenge: 19 &20

  1. OMG 19!! Amen! I really despise how people go around flaunting their religion in others’ faces!! Frankly it should be a personal and private thing! Like everything else I have found the more you have to be public about something the more you seem to lack confidence and/or must be questioning it. I don’t see why what other people’s thoughts and beliefs matter sooo much to other people!!

    In the US we are supposed to be separation of church and state but over the past few decades it seems that church is trying to dominate. But it’s mainly one specific church set. And if you are any outlier to it you are just wrong. It pisses me off! I am Jewish and have always grown up with people trying to convert me or telling me I’m wrong. It’s like mind your own business!!

    Anyways, as I was saying, case in point, there’s this great article where all these people decided Starbucks is antichristian and are protesting it because they feel Starbucks is offensive for not saying merry Christmas on their cups this year. Mind you, the cups are still red. They are quite pretty. Now Muslims, Jews, atheists, etc aren’t complaining how they aren’t represented during the holidays–nope!! But the Christian and Catholic sects are trying to start boycotts at Starbucks here.

    Because apparently that is what is SO important here in America.

    Not the starvation or homelessness [which there is little contribution towards]. Not the poor education.

    It’s cups. And why we are changing “Christmas break” to “Winter Holiday” in work places and schools. Apparently it’s offensive.

    Ok rant over.

    • We had the same drama over the Starbucks cups here! It’s totally ridiculous. I reckon you’re right about needing to shout about really being a sign of needing to prove their faith/ lacking confidence in it! Xx

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