A promise to myself

To somebody without depression or negative body image, these promise will sound silly. I’m just sat on a train thinking about events that have happened the past couple of weeks where I’ve spent time putting my make up on, choosing my favourite jewellery etc and thinking about how much I like doing that. The only reason I do the same makeup everyday, or wear clothes that hide me is because I lack the confidence in my appearance to make the effort very often. It’s easy to get stuck in a cycle of doing whatever the bare minimum is for you, but actually, applying make up is quite soothing. Doing my hair is quite enjoyable. Wearing clothes I like feels nice. 

I promise myself to give myself permission to do these things. Sometimes I don’t feel deserving of feeling as nice as I could, but that definitely doesn’t make me happy!

I’m making a second promise to myself to watch one thing everyday that inspires me. 


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