Self sabotage

I’m feeling a bit annoyed at myself for not doing a couple of things that I set out to do daily. They aren’t complicated things, or time consuming. So why haven’t I done them?

It’s happened before when I’ve set goals for my holidays and I’m sick of the cycle. This is me self sabotaging. I know I will feel good if I do it. I know that I’m not being unreasonable with myself. I also know that feeling disappointed in myself is a far more familiar feeling. 

I’m not sure I’m comfortable with simply letting myself do something in productive, but not over exerting kind of way. I feel unable to be happy with the things I have done because those that I haven’t. 

Well, tomorrow I’m going to do them first thing and bite the bullet. It’s silly really, but that’s how it rolls. 

One thought on “Self sabotage

  1. I can totally relate to this, I really self-sabotage even when I’ve planned to do only small productive tasks, be it doing my washing or just having a little tidy up- I always somehow manage to not do things, then begins the circle of anger toward myself for not doing things!

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