LoveMe challenge: 19 &20

19. Something you feel strongly about

Religion. And actually, I’m not at all religious. I mean I’ve no idea whether there’s a God or an afterlife or if biblical stories are based on fact or not, but I do know that I have a right to my own opinion. The thing I feel strongly about is my disapproval of people standing preaching in the middle of towns, and also extremist branches of religions that pray on the vulnerable. I’m not against faith- in fact I have friends who are Christian. I respect that, and they respect me. It’s rare (at least in England) to see people publicly displaying atheism and/or trying to persuade others to share their view, but it’s very common to hear preachers saying gay people go to hell, or non believers are sinners etc. 

I believe you can be a good person and have any or no religion at all. I feel strongly that nobody has the right to be so judgemental of people in an open circumstance, such as a town centre. 

20. Something you love to wear. 

I love to wear the only gold item I own. It’s a necklace I inherited when my Nanny passed away. It’s so pretty, and has so much sentimental value too. I love that somebody always admires it when I wear it and I get to talk about her and keep her memory alive ❤️

LoveMe challenge: 16-18

Something you like about yourself

Wow. Not my favourite prompt of this challenge 😂! I guess I like that I have long hair and that I can do lots of things with it. 

Something that feeds your soul

Animals. Simple. I love cuddling am animal- even if they aren’t my own. It just feels good. You don’t need to speak & you just have the lovely feeling of holding something that loves you back. 

Something that feeds your brain

Reading and listening to things in Spanish. I have my phone set to that language and I love to read books or listen to the news not in English. It requires my concentration too, and that’s definitely a good thing for a brain that’s full of a lot of other stuff that can take my attention most of the time.