I’ve had some tough experiences since I last blogged. I had the urge to write about them, but always ended up bailing on my plans to write. I think it’s been overwhelming and not blogging has been a way of me avoiding some difficult thoughts.

Today I couldn’t do anything. I was just too anxious and on edge. My mind was full of racing thoughts (including the super helpful “mental illness isn’t normal illness so you are being a pathetic, lazy human”) obviously I know deep down that all illness is/ should be equal. I know it can feel equally bad; my mental health has definitely been as bad as physical ailments that kept me off school/ college etc. It’s just socially less acceptable and that is a pile of shit. #stigmasucks

Anyway, tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow is day that I am capable of facing. I had a rest, which I very much needed today, but I can do tomorrow. 

Goodnight! Xx

Wish me luck….

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