Body blues. 

Utterly exhausted of having no consistent view of myself. Sure I look not thin enough whatever the image, but even my view of my bone structure/ body type changes from moment to moment. It’s making me really frustrated and fed up. 

I feel like I should have reached the magical point of thin enough by now, and I haven’t. I know I don’t look super thin, in fact I think I look “normal.” My mum notices my weight changes as I only see her during holidays. She thinks I look smaller, but I think she might just be trying to please me. 

I want to sleep and wake up when this is done with

2 thoughts on “Body blues. 

  1. …just want to say ‘I knoooooooooooooow’ and roll my eyes with you! its such a drag, it IS exhausting… there is no reaching that magical ‘thin enough’ point ever, it will never be enough… sending you magical earplugs to block that shitty critical ed voice out and dynamic, entertaining dreams and a super power nap to relieve all stress! Em

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