2 out of 16.

At the start of the year a friend gave me the idea of making a “16 things for 2016” list. Instead of having loads of massive, unrealistic resolutions, I made a list of things that are a mixed. Many are just things I would like to do- a show to watch or an experience to have. 

Number 2: get a massage 

As a dancer, I’m not at all unfamiliar with a sports massage. Try having one on a torn hamstring or damaged ankle ligaments. Yep. Painful. Not at all fun. Just very painful. That being said, the idea of a massage to relax me seemed a good one for my list. I booked to have a Swedish massage and went to it on Monday. 

Wearing just a pair of bikini bottoms and having a stranger touch your most hated parts of your body was really difficult at first, but clearly I couldn’t just get up and leave once she started so I was forced to ride out the anxiety. It worked. By the end of the massage I was almost asleep! 

I have definitely thought about it since, and had some intrusive thoughts about whether she made judgements of my body etc, but I like that I can very easily never see that massage therapist again and just forget about those feelings. I think massages are certainly a good thing for me to do as both self care and a bit of a challenge for my anxiety too. Definitely recommend it!

4 thoughts on “2 out of 16.

  1. I went through the same experience!! I went in because my back was hurting and it helped a LOT but was soooo self conscious!!! I just kept reminding myself that they are professionals and they have seen so much they dont care.

    I was lucky that I had a wonderful first experience and have been going back since. It feels good and it’s very helpful! It helps with pain but with anxiety as well.

  2. Ya I ended up becoming really close with my first therapist and she and I talked about that. She’s like you’re a nurse you get it–we don’t care. They see it the same way: healing people. Healing hurt souls spirits bodies. :] that really helped me!! Hope that helps you too! I’m so proud of you! I know how hard it is!

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