10 things I wish people would say to me:

1. You can talk about it, even when we’ve had the same conversation 1000 times. 

2. It doesn’t matter if you eat with me or not- I want you there. 

3. I understand that being thin is very important to you, and I accept I can’t change that. 

4. You are allowed to feel whatever you want. 

5. I love you the same no matter how well or unwell you are. 

6. You can tell me if things I say are triggering. 

7. I don’t understand your attachment to your illness, but I do acknowledge that the decision to let go is scary. I support you. 

8. You haven’t failed by not recovering. Maybe this bad time will become motivation to change. 

9. You have the freedom to eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re full, and eat things you like. 

10. I think you are very ill, but don’t see it. 

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