Any kind of mental illness can affect relationships. People will walk out of your life simply because they don’t understand you, or you behaved in a way that was strange or frightening to them. Right now, as a 22 year old, I sometimes feel I should be more interested in meeting a guy. Thing is, it just isn’t a priority- or a good idea. My thoughts and feelings are currently too complex and changeable for another person to be that close to me. 

I’m also more introvert than extrovert, and time alone can sometimes be very refreshing to me. Loud noises all at once, groups of people I don’t know that well, and small talk just suck life out of me! That being said I value my friends very highly. I have about 10 people that are my closest friends. I make an effort to keep in touch when we are apart, and hope that they all know how much I love them. Aside from their guidance and kindness when I’m distressed, I also enjoy days out, watching tv, or laughing over something silly with these people. And when they are having a hard time I want to do anything I can to help. 

I am extremely lucky to have met friends that love me in spite of my difficulties, who find me funny, who see that I am thoughtful. They are utterly wonderful & I plan on keeping these friendships for the rest of my life. 💜💜

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