The 1st appointment 

I had my first dietitian appointment today, so I was pretty nervous about meeting somebody new and having to say things aloud. She was really nice though, and guess what my first task is?


You got it. 

Food diary. 

Shocker 😂 I sort of feel a bit apathetic about it because I have done these so many times, but for once I don’t feel overwhelmed by it. All I need to change at first are 2 things that aren’t completely out of control and new.

Haven’t decided exactly how, but I do what to document (what I hope will be) a positive process, so updates are coming!

How are you? Yes you, person reading this? Write in the comments! Xx

2 thoughts on “The 1st appointment 

    • I think it’s helpful to acknowledge patterns and to confront what you’re doing, but it’s an uncomfortable feeling!
      I skipped meetings and got discharged when I first went years ago, because I was scared too!! So far it’s been ok though. Just gotta do my best I guess xx

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